Un Jour Sans Fin – Fievel (Official Music Video)


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I promised I would try to compose a new song in French after « Yeux Noirs ». So here we are :

It’s called « Un Jour Sans Fin » and it’s a global patchwork of some thoughts running in circles in my head during these 55 days of lockdown. I love the melody so I recorded it in my teenager bedroom with my old microphone, an old synthesizer and my laptop. -This music video was made with GIF ONLY – – Subtitles In French , English and Spanish –

It was a hell of a work! it took me 2 weeks to find and compile all the GIFs and give the illusion of a real anime. And make it fits to the song, with a kind of scenario and so on 😅. Tell me if you liked it !😃💜 Song will be available on Spotify in a few days , some delays due to Coronavirus situation.
Please share to your friends around, and your loved ones !

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Stay safe

Much love 💜

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